The „Foundations Inter-cantonal School for foresters Lyss" is founded and Frédéric de Pourtalès, the first director, is elected.

Official opening of the Forestry School alongside the Old Aare river in Lyss.  The school is already heated with wood chips.

The Inter-Cantonal Forestry School receives recognitions as a higher technical school from Federal Councillor Ruth Dreifuss and the new school is built on Hardernstrass 20 in Lyss. At the time, it is the largest wooden building in Switzerland.

Official inauguration of the premises. The daring wooden building draws much attention from its visitors, including wood construction specialists from other countries.

The training to become a Forestry foreman is implemented and taught in modules. For the Forester Training program pre-requisites are introduced that must be completed prior to studying.

The long-standing director, Frédéric de Pourtalès, goes into retirement with much fanfare. Alan Kocher, forest engineer, is elected by the Foundation Council as successor.

The Forestry School is now called the Forestry Training Center. The Foundation Council gives the school a new strategy and seven new principal guidelines.

The Swiss Commission of Higher Technical Schools is founded. The Forestry Training Center co-founds the „Organization of the Forestry Working Worlds"(ODA: Organisation der Arbeitswelt) and takes part in the first international conference of forestry schools in the south of France.

The „Wildlife Days of Lyss" are born. The Forestry Training Center hosts the office of the Swiss Forestry Personnel Union, a member of the faculty is elected as secretary general. The Forestry Training Center starts with many continuing education courses for forestry workers and other personnel.

For the first time a ranger training program is offered. The Forestry Training Center is a co-founder of the Swiss Conference of Higher Technical Schools.

At the Forestry Training Center, the first 16 Rangers graduate and the Association of Swiss Rangers is founded. The second international conference of Forestry Schools is hosted in Lyss.

A faculty member becomes forester and manager of the "Burgergemeinde Lengnau", and the school has again a forest at its disposal.

The Swiss Confederation approves the forestry framework curriculum for the forester's higher technical school respectively professional college.

Competence Center for Silviculture is established to maintain and develop silvicultural competences with Swiss forestry professionals.
First implementation of a national knowledge transfer conference in forestry.

The foundation council revises the strategy until the year 2016. The Swiss Confederation and the cantons work out a "Forest Education Strategy", also in collaboration with the Forestry Training Center in Lyss.

The Federal Department of Environment renews the contract to lead the Codoc over a service level agreement.
The Swiss gamekeeper exam takes place at the Forestry Training Center in Lyss.
Three students in forestry complete their internship in Japan.

The branch office of the Competence Center for Forestry Engineering for the western part of Switzerland is now located in Lyss.
A new photovoltaic system allows us to produce solar electricity on the roof of the main building.
Presentation of Forestry professions at the vocational championships "Swiss Skills" in Bern.
Second implementation of a national knowledge transfer conference in forestry.