Specialist Departments

Competence Center for Silviculture

Silviculture is a core competence of foresters. To ensure knowledge and experience, encourage the transfer of knowledge and to develop the management of forests, our Foundation Council established the Center for Silviculture in 2011. Through a careful developmental process, we managed to choose two well-recognized specialists; Pascal Junod, forestry engineer and forester of Neuchâtel and Dr. Peter Amman, scientist with the cantonal forestry service of Aargau to head the center.

In a short period of time, the Center for Silviculture has taken firm roots on site in Lyss, which has also proven advantageous for our hitherto education programs.

The center for silviculture completes about 1000 days of advanced training courses per year, publishes papers and promotes practical exercises in tree marking and selection in so called marteloscopes (training aid for improving marking skills in continuous cover silviculture)

Our experts also work as consultants for projects relating to silviculture.

Competence Center for Forestry Engineering

A couple of years ago, our associates in Maienfeld began the formation of a new center of competence for forestry engineering and construction. This happened in close collaboration with our Forestry Training Center in Lyss, the goal being to conserve and develop the forestry core competences in the important field of engineering. Thereby they assure, that experience and know how are available in the future.

The focus of this specialist department is the maintenance of forestry roads and the slope stabilization.

Since spring 2014 their main office is located in Maienfeld, the branch office for the French speaking part of Switzerland is located at the Forestry Training Center in Lyss, supervised by Forestry engineer Philipp Raetz. Main products of this specialist department are advanced training courses, publications and consulting for practical applications.