Dear visitors and friends of forests

Welcome to the Forestry Training Center Lyss and thank you for your interest in forestry education and our institution! We are a German and French speaking College of Higher Education and Training. We focus on higher professional education in forestry and are based in Lyss, about 20 kilometers north of Berne. We are mostly active in Northern and Western Switzerland. Our main objective is the education of foresters, forestry foremen and rangers. We are also strong in "custom made" continuing education and training for forestry personnel of all levels.

In our beautiful wooden building, we have lots of room for other engagements, and offer a platform for exchange and transfer of knowledge between experts in practical and theoretical branches of forestry. In addition to that, we provide our infrastructure to other professionals. Our school offers various services for your convenience as a study and training place as well as accommodation and a restaurant on campus. You will find more about us on our website.

It is now my pleasure to invite you on a "virtual tour" through our website with its limited pages in English – for our two main working languages are German and French. Please enjoy and thanks again for your interest!

Jürg Walder, managing director and principal